About Us

 APPLE BIO MEDICS LIMITED is a public limited pharmaceutical marketing company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956.

Five Core Values

The company Apple Bio Medics Limited shares a set of five core values integrity, understanding, excellence, unity

Apple-Biomedics-Homeand responsibility. These values, which have been part of the Group’s beliefs from its earliest days, continue to guide and drive the business decisions of the company. The Group of Directors and their enterprise have been steadfast and distinctive in their adherence to business ethics and their commitment to corporate social responsibility.


The Company was floated by professionals for the people with the concept of GROWING TOGETHER. The Concept was developed by the Board of Directors to delight and deliver beyond expectation through ingenious strategy, innovative marketing and inspired thinking of the future. Only positive thinking has fuelled the phenomena of inducting customers as Directors and Share holders. The concept of sharing the benefit with seller, buyer and consumer was devised in the year 1989, a period when the industry was exploring novel marketing strategies. Consequently, Board of Directors aligned business opportunities with the objective of pharmaceutical company ‘For the people, By the Doctors’. This approach remains enshrined in the Group’s ethos to this day.